Monday, May 1, 2023

Monster Monday: Simian Imperials for Dragonbane

Dragonbane is the kind of RPG I've been looking forward to for a long time. It's based off of Chaosium's RuneQuest/Basic Role Play but uses a d20 like Pendragon. Professions help you pick your skills as a beginning character but after that you improve Skill through play. Also, its spells are closer to DnD than RQ and it has a cool mechanic where you spend Willpower for spells as well as heroic abilities. I really can't recommend it enough.

I've been brainstorming a setting where the enemies are the Simian Empire and I decided to work up some ideas for antagonists.

If you want a PDF you can download it here.

                Gorilla Soldier

Movement: 10 Damage Bonus: Str+d6

Typical Armor: Hide (3) HP: 14

Skills: Acrobatics 12, Awareness 11, Evade 9,

Riding 14

Abilities: Lightning Fast

Typical Weapons: Heavy Crossbow (skill level 12, 

damage 2d8), Scimitar (skill level 11, damage 2d6)

      Orangutan Psyker

Movement: 10 Damage Bonus: Str+d4

Typical Armor: Leather (1)   HP: 10 WP: 12

Skills: Acrobatics 10, Beast Lore 12, Evade 7,

Mentalism, 14, Myths and Legends 13, Riding 12

Spells: Farsight, Power Fist, Scrying, Telepathy

Typical Weapons: Club (skill level 10, damage 1d8)

Hand Crossbow (skill level 11, damage 2d6)

  Chimpanzee Scout

Movement: 12 Damage Bonus: Agl+d4

Typical Armor: Leather (1)   HP: 10 WP: 10

Skills: Acrobatics 13, Evade 10, Riding 12

Abilities: Backstabbing, Catlike

Typical Weapons: Short Sword (skill level 12, 

damage 1d10), Hand Crossbow (skill level 13, 

damage 2d6)

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