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Manitou Monday: Red Tiger Gang's Hideout, A 5 Room Dungeon


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The Red Tiger Gang is led by Tigress Hepburn, the daughter of Frances "Trapper" Hepburn who rode with several gangs in the 1870s. Tigress' Mother, Acorn, died in child birth and she was literally raised by gangs her father rode with. After her Dad got gunned down in Dodge City, she found herself working with her "Uncle", Frank Perth and Robert "Red" Dobbins who both think of her as their daughters. Due to the backward view of some bandits and hired guns Tigress posed as a young man and was known by strangers as "Tiger". Smart and surprisingly well-read most who rode with Tigress quickly found enough success to look past the fact that she was "the fairer sex" and those stupid enough to give her unwanted attention had to deal with first her and then Uncle Frank and Red. 

The Posse is tracking down the Red Tigers who are wanted for several murders in the area over the last 4 months. The Gang is working for the Bayou Vermillion rail company dealing with folks who won't accept the Baron's offer for their land. There is bounty of $200 each for all 8 members of the Gang.

The entrance to the caves the Tigers use as a hideout is guarded by Uncle Frank Perth and his gatling rifle, Birdie (she has been modified to carry double the amount of rounds). Frank uses a wooden crate as a seat, there are two sets of lanterns mounted to each side of the cave, and a small wooden table holds a cup of oily black coffee.

Uncle Frank Perth

Wild Card

Parry 7 | Tough 7 (1) | Pace 6 (d6)

Ag d8, Sm d8, Sp d6, St d10, Vi d8 | 

Athletics d8 | Fighting d10 

Notice d8 | Shooting d10 (2d8, 24/48/96,

AP 2, RoF 3, 60 Shots)  | Stealth d8 | 

Edges Improved Rapid Fire, Rock and Roll! 

Quirks Shaving cuts on face

The cave branches to the right and left.

Heading to the right leads to a chamber with four rough tables with a poker deck on the closest. Under one of the tables lies a woman who pleads for help when the Posse enter. Her arms and legs are bound with heavy rope. Her face is dirty, she has no shoes, and she is wearing a denim dress that is heavily scuffed. She quickly tells them , "A bunch of 'em are out hunting, hurry get free me before they make it back!"

She will identify herself as Diane Hope and claims the outlaws killed her husband and kidnapped her two days ago. In reality, she is the gang's leader, Tigress Hepburn, and she heard the scuffle with Uncle Frank and tied herself up and sent the other Tigers into the next chamber to ambush the intruders. She has a derringer and a knife on her.

Diane Hope AKA Tigress Hepburn

Wild Card

Parry 7 | Tough 7 (1) | Pace 8 (d8)

| Ag d12, Sm d10, Sp d6, St d6, Vi d10 | 

Athletics d8 | Fighting d6 (d6+d4) | 

Intimidation d10 | Notice d10 | 

Persuasion d10 | Shooting d10 (2d4, 

3/6/12, RoF 1, 2 Shots)  | Stealth d8 | Taunt d10 | 

Edges Command Presence, Level Headed,

Natural Leader 

Quirks Missing pinky on left hand.

The next chamber has a bear-skinned rug and 3 crates containing whiskey, a bag of mail, and several empty money bags. The two tables in this room are tipped over and being used as cover by 5 Red Tigers. "Drop your weapons and we'll talk about how you might make it out alive!", yells a man with flaming red hair and beard aiming 2 peacemakers at the Posse. 

"Diane" will make sure to stay behind the characters and in the previous the chamber they "rescued" her from. She won't act on the first round of combat but will attack the Posse on the second round. She is loyal to her gang but if things look bad for them before attacking she will continue her ruse until she can escape and then gain revenge. 

Shooting in the cave can be dangerous due to ricochets and if an attacker rolls a1 on their Shooting die and fails their attack roll, draw a card, if it is a Diamond draw a card for each person in the chamber and whoever has the lowest card is hit by the ricocheting bullet.

5 Red Tiger Bandits

Parry 7 | Tough 7 (1) | Pace 6 (d6)

| Ag d6, Sm d6, Sp d6, St d8, Vi d6 | 

Athletics d8 | Fighting d6

Shooting d8 (2d6+1, 12/24/48, AP 1, 

RoF 1, 0 Shots)  | Stealth d6 | 

The cave take a sharp turn to the left toward the largest chamber yet. There are 7 bed rolls in here and the last 1/4 of the chamber is separated by quilts hung on clothesline to give Tigress privacy from the rest of her gang. While the Posse searches this chamber she stay close to the entrance and will be looking for a chance to make a run for it if the Posse has killed the Uncle Frank and the other 5 Tigers. Once the Posse begins inspecting Tigress’ belongings a successful Common Knowledge roll will clue them into her lie and she will not surrender for any reason, she'd rather die then be hung or go to jail.

There is a deep niche in the wall near her bedroll where there is $100 in cash and 4 ounces of Ghost Rock. After searching the whole chamber the Posse also finds an additional $80 in cash, a ruby engagement ring, 1 stick of TNT, 3 dime novels, and a copy of Hoyle's Book of Games that is missing close to 20 pages. 

If the Posse takes a left instead of the right at the split after about 5 minutes they find dead end with numerous bones, animal, human, and…other critters scattered on the chamber floor. A successful Notice roll at -2 will reveal a carcajou, a wolverine-like creature that the Gang has chained up in here. The chain has 15' of slack and this chamber is 45' long and 30' wide.


Parry 9 | Tough 10 (1) | Pace 10 (d10)

Ag d10, Sm d4 (A), Sp d12, St d10, Vi d12 | 

Athletics d10 | Fighting d12+2 (d12+d6+2, AP 2 | Intimidation d10 | Notice d8 | Stealth d12 |

Survival d8 | Edges Improved Frenzy,

Quick, Rabble-Rouser | Special Abilities

Fearless, Hardy, Size -1

Quirks Missing left eye















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