Monday, December 5, 2022

Kzin for Dragonbane or Drakar och Demoner


Kzinti are bipedal digitigrade felines with orange fur, yellow eyes, pronounced fangsears resembling bat wings, four-fingered hands, and long tails. Males stood over two meters tall, with broad hunching shoulders and comparatively slender waists and limbs. Their internal anatomy included ribs with vertical bracing and multiple hearts. They breathed atmosphere similar to that of Humans. As carnivores, they were acutely averse to the consumption of plants. Their physical attributes made them powerful combatants.

Ability: Forceful
• Willpower Points: 3
You can use this ability to roll your melee weapon damage twice and take the best result (not an action).

Ability: Claws
• Willpower Points: -
Your unarmed attacks deal 1d8 damage.

1 Ayow
2 Liram
3 Raf
4 Vilo
5 Lyw 
6 Ferfi

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