Sunday, March 20, 2022

Thoughts about the Dungeons & Dragons Movie Due in 2023

Chris Pine spoke a bit about the Dungeons and Dragons film that is due in March of 2023 during an interview with Collider and had this to say about it, "The way that I've been describing it, it's like Game of Thrones mixed with a little Princess Bride, just a smidge of Holy Grail".

I'm not a fan of the previous Dungeons and Dragons films and these influences are tonally very different from one another in my opinion.

I keep asking myself why wouldn't Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, and their Production Company, eOne use the Icewind Dale trilogy or the first Dragonlance trilogy (yes, I know there was an animated feature some years ago)?

Drizzt, in particular, and his Companions, are a proven commodity and the Forgotten Realms has to have a fair amount of traction within pop culture. If you wanted streaming tie-ins you can easily produce the Dark Elf trilogy and their plenty of characters that spend time as both antagonists and protagonists to accommodate for anti-heroes or whatever Hollywood is looking for at the moment.

I think a Drizzt series is in development but it seems like such a waste of perfectly good intellectual property for a film series.

As I prepare to turn 50 I don't pretend to think that Hollywood is that worried about my demographic, and that is not a knock but merely a statement of fact. The 13 to 40 demo seems to be what most projects aim for but I don't believe that Drizzt's stories are outside of that group. 

The new DnD film could be excellent and I'm not writing it off I'm just confused by the fact that Hasbro isn't exploiting its existing IPs better.

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