Saturday, September 26, 2020

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Session 1

Due to our DM's wife getting COVID-19 (thoughts and prayers to both them) I'm running a short DCC series for our group. The Characters are level 2 are going through one of Goodman Games' Halloween Adventures.

I enjoyed the session and I think the players did too. We got off to a bit of a late start as I was running a bit behind and we had to set-up remote play for one of our players, which we do every session, but our regular DM handles it and I had to figure it out with some help.

Part of the reason I haven't run more OSR campaigns is that I like Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition and we are pretty invested in it, in fact we own everything on DnD Beyond. I'm not saying that different editions don't have different strengths and weaknesses but there is, in my opinion, a certain common experience in DnD.

One of the reasons I've been wanting to try DCC with my group is that I appreciate that it deviates a bit from DnD with its Magic system and Mighty Deeds of Arms and it is a game that is in print and I can carry in my stores.

I had two to three players I thought would enjoy the Magic system and I think they did. I didn't explain Might Deeds of Arms very well so I hope to explore them more in our second session.

We were all a bit uncertain about getting so many "Failed and Lost for the Day" spellcasting results and I'm contemplating if I'm going to make a change to that in the next session. At the same time I didn't really emphasize the Luck mechanic and perhaps that would fix some of the disappointment. Yes, you can easily point out that maybe my Players and I are just "spoiled" by the heroic nature of 5E and I'm sure you are right, but we've played together long enough to know what we enjoy and to be honest about it.

I'm looking forward to finishing the module and will report further upon completion.

At this point I dearly enjoy Goodman Games products and the awesome community that sprung up around Dungeon Crawl Classics, but I don't know that the changes are still extreme enough to switch from 5E unless you have grown bored or frustrated of it. To some degree that is the motive behind my exploration of DCC, but I don't know that the rest of my group shares that motive.


ravencrowking said...

You may wish to remind your players that, if a spell is lost for the day, a point of spellburn allows you to cast it again. The way I read it, a point of spellburn is then required for each casting.

Narmer said...

Curiosity, which module?

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