Friday, March 20, 2020

GameStorming: HELL WOOD

I take a vacation and we have a pandemic.

I hope all of you are well. Thankfully, at the moment the only thing I have to worry about is finding toilet paper. I kid. There is none. Ha!

First, let me share how disappointed I am with myself. I've spent 47 years consuming Apocalyptic comic books, movies, and literature and I am not prepared for it. If it goes to Hell, I'm like one of the straights you see in the stories. If I make it through this, I promise I'll do better.

Second, let's contemplate Apocalyptic stories for a moment. I know that California just got locked down an that is what gave me the idea for this setting.

Imagine Hollywood, with its super-wealthy and their various personal security. Now, let's step into things and assume, just for fun, that they are all highly motivated to be in charge of the only place that matters to them, Hollywood. It isn't organized crime or gangs the people of L.A. have to worry about its Celebrities, Politicians, Athletes, Tech Barons, and Captains of Industry and their competing visions of running their world, the only one that matters to them. We're talking Villains with crazy wardrobes, millions of Followers, and crazier plastic surgery. We're talking more money than sense with lots of drugs, guns, and explosives. We're talking fortress mansions, behavior modification via social media, and egos the size of...well California. We're talking Hell wood. They Live meets Pulp Fiction meets Heat

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