Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some Thoughts on Pathfinder

First off, I don't think there is a "correct version" of tDnD to play and I am a big fan of Paizo and actually enjoy their Pathfinder RPG more than DnD 3.5.  In my case, Pathfinder's rules are too much for me, I want something...more open to interpretation at this point in my life.

The point of this post is that in my job as a manager of a comics and gaming store, I was reading the solicitation for two products coming from Paizo for Pathfinder that made me go "hmmmm..."

The first was the Pathfinder Strategy Guide, I remember when something similar to this was done for DnD 4E and it turned me cold then.  A book that's purpose is to teach you to build (and let's be honest, optimize) a character is not something I want (though I don't assume there aren't plenty of people out there that do want it).  But more importantly, it makes me think the end of the Pathfinder 1st Edition line is imminent.  Hardcover products of this nature are big red herrings that the mine is running low.  And that isn't a slight to Paizo, it happens to every publishing company in this day and age.  Heck, White Wolf spent most of its life simply rebooting their lines and were the #2 company for most of that time period.

The second product was the Ranged Tactics Toolbox.  Yes.  A sourcebook on ranged combat.  Let that sink in a second.  Ranged.  Combat.  Once again, the mine being low is reinforced, but one of my personal problems with the game is highlighted.  A book on ranged combat. Again, this might sell like hot cakes and maybe the diehards on the Pathfinder boards are clamoring for this, but it isn't something I've ever wanted in a sourcebook.  Even at only $12.99.

Paizo has been successful by listening to its customer base and selling directly to them.  But sometimes listening to the fan base might give you a product that might not have the broadest appeal.
Or maybe it will be a bestseller.  I fully admit I'm not the core Pathfinder customer and could be completely wrong.

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