Wednesday, December 11, 2013

D&D Next & I

I took a break from DnD Next earlier this year after the final play test packet was posted.

It felt like a sharp turn from what we had been testing for many moons.

However, upon further reflection the single biggest problem I had with the newest rules is something I'd been looking for in DnD for years.  You see, I hated the strange bonus economy that DnD had been using.  A +1 for BAB was different from a Save, which was different from a Skill, which was different from Ability Scores.  Apparently a Feat equaled a +2/3 to Skills, a +3 to Saves, and a +1 to a specific weapon.

Next fixed this.  Proficiency spans all of those categories and relies on options, not bonuses to achieve "balance".  It was something I longed for, and then got mad when I saw it rolled out.  It was the same knee jerk reaction I had when saw that only Fighters advanced with an Attack Bonus in Lamentations of the Flame Princess.  While is shocked it, upon reflection it made sense.  It worked.

So I've been revisiting it.

I won't lie, part of it is that while I love 13th Age and I respect Pathfinder, as a store manager it's my job to pave the way amongst my customers for whatever the new version of Dungeons and Dragons is called.  So I need to start think about demoing the game and spreading the word and, hopefully, taking preorders.

One day, I might add in the escalation die and trade out Backgrounds and Skills for Backgrounds from 13th Age, but right now it's getting to be the time where I rally the fans and show the uncertain wether this version of DnD is right for them.  And I'm lucky because I have several exist strategies in place if they don't.

I can say with some authority that there are some cool surprises coming down the line from the developers.  So keep your eyes peeled.

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