Monday, July 15, 2013

Pacific Rim

Just about a year ago, I saw the first teaser art for Pacific Rim and I knew I had to see it.  On opening night.  In fact, it would turn out to be the only film I HAD to see this year.

So on thursday night at 10:15pm EST, my WHOLE family and some GREAT friends, went to it's opening.

Man, it did not disappoint.

Scratch that, there is my life before and after Star Wars: A New Hope and there is my life before and after Pacific Rim.  If you've ever wanted to see a Robotech on the big screen, you need to see this movie.  You have to experience an mecha punch a kaiju in the face.  With a rocket propelled fist.

I'm not going to say the story is either original or a classic, but neither is Star Wars.  Both were just fun films.

I cared about the characters, I laughed at the appropriate times and I watched monsters, man-maded and alien fight to the death.  Does it get better than that?

And even though some of the coolest scenes were in the ads, they were just as cool.

I'm going to go so far to say that if your a geek and you don't want to see this film, your a poser.  You hide amongst the Big Bang Theory fans digging on Will Wheaton, pretending to be a geek.

So go out there and watch Pacific Rim.

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