Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On the 3rd Day of Halloween...

A guilty pleasure of mine: Haunted Collector.  I don't watch a lot of the Syfy channel, but my wife mentioned that a house close to where she grew up would be featured so we watched it.  And I was hooked.

What I like about this show is that is captures things that appear to be parnamormal.  Obviously, I won't say they are, but they sure appear that way.

Also, John Zaffis and his team try to solve the haunting.  I like that.  It rings of Ghostbusters.  He's not trying to prove the paranormal exists--for him it does, he's trying to fix the paranormal situation.

A couple facts about me:
1) As a high school student, I read a paperback about the are of Indiana where we were living being a gateway for the unexplained.  It also mentioned that opening yourself up to such things, was like turning yourself into a magnet.  I've always been glad to let myself and the paranormal remain as far apart as possible.

2) I've built 2 houses to reduce the risk of hauntings.

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