Saturday, June 24, 2023

Dungeons & Shivan Dragons: Sword of War and Peace for B/X D&D + Old School Essentials

Sword +3, War and Peace

Grants special benefits of healing and protection from against fire and evil creatures.

Healing a living subject: The wielder gains the following benefits: 

  • Healing: Restores 3 hit points of damage. This cannot grant more hit points than the subject’s normal maximum. 

Protects against evil: The wielder gains the following benefits: 

  • Save bonus: Gain a +1 bonus to saving throws against attacks and special abilities of affected creatures.
  • Defense bonus: Affected creatures gain a -1 penalty to attack the wielder.
  • Magic protection: Affected enchanted, constructed, and summoned creatures cannot attack the wielder in melee but may make ranged attacks against them.

Protects against fire: The wielder gains the following benefits: 

  • Normal fire: Unharmed by non-magical fire.
  • Save bonus: Gain a +2 bonus to all saving throws versus fire-based magical or breath attacks.
  • Fire-based damage: Is reduced by 1 point per damage die rolled. (Each die inflicts a minimum of 1 hit point damage.) 

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