Tuesday, November 1, 2022

ShadowDark: Manacaonda Race & Manaconda Shaman


Manaconda for the ShadowDark RPG
The subjects of the Nagarajah are always guarded and weary. Many cultures view serpents and the snake folk with fear and suspicion. They are lithe, but powerful with scales colored white, red, brown, yellow, or green in myriad patterns.

You know the Common and Primordial languages.

Serpentine. You get a +2 bonus to grapple a creature. You can climb at your full movement. 

Manaconda Shaman for ShadowDark RPG

Shamans are the sacred guardians of temples devoted to Mother Naga.

AC 12 (leather), HD 2 (9), ATK 1 spear +1 (1d6), MV near, S +1, D +1, C +0, I +0, W +2, Ch +0, AL C

Shaman. Know the blind/deafen (DC 11), cleansing weapon (DC12), shield of faith (DC 12) and silence (DC 12) spells. They cast spells using WIS.

Slighter. Climb at their full movement.

Strangle. Has a +2 bonus to grapple a creature.

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