Sunday, September 6, 2020

Dark Trails: Dances With Ghosts


Wind In the Trees' parents were killed by the U.S. Calvary when she was eleven. Her Grandfather, Stalking Cat, was their tribe's shaman and he raised her in the ways of Medicine but he worried about the anger and pain within her and couldn't find any way to quell it.

Her Medicine was strong but he grew increasingly worried as her thirst for vengeance grew as strong as her powers.

Ke-wo-no-tay, a powerful minion of the Elder Gods took notice of her and subtlely tainted the young shaman. Even he was surprised at how deep the waters of hate and revenge lapped at the shores of her soul and he delighted in drinking deeply from it.

Stalking Cat saw the changes she was undergoing too and confronted her, even threatening to stop teaching her Medicine. His granddaughter laughed at him, howling like a terrifying storm as she revealed that her real teacher predicted the old man would say that and revealed to her that she would only finish her lessons by killing her grandfather.

Hoping to protect even a sliver of her soul Stalking Cat spread his arms wide and allowed Wind in the Trees to slay him and consume his Medicine. As the life left her grandfather's eyes Ke-wo-no-tay told her that Wind in the Trees had died with her grandfather and all that remained was Dances with Ghosts.

Dances With Ghosts for Dark Trails

Init +0; Atk obsidian knife +0 melee (1d6) or 
bow +1 missle fire (1d8); AC 15; HD 4d6; MV 30'; Act 1d20;
SP climb sheer surfaces 40%, disguise self 45%, hide in shadows 40%, sneak silently 45%, fly, spellcaster (spell check +7);
SV Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +3; AL C.

Dances with Ghosts knows 7 Occultist or Revelator spells (as well as Wizard or Cleric spells if you have Dungeon Crawl Classics). She can fly at 30' and has been trained as a hunter.

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