Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A to Z of My D&D Campaign: C is for the Castellan Keep

The Keep on the Borderlands. 

Castellan Keep. 

It is a lonely, alluring, exciting, and terrifying place.

The kind of place that calls to Adventurers, Mercenaries, and Blackguards.

You can make a name for yourself at the Keep and your actions will dictate whether you achieve fame or infamy.

The Keep is a tiny shard of Law trying, valiantly, to keep the Chaos that surrounds it at bay. 

There are strange caves, tracks of blasted earth, mysterious hermits, and even a dungeon or two within a short ride.

It is a place to make a new start or an early end.

The War may be over, but the battle is joined. 

Just remember to return to the Keep before nightfall.


Brian I said...

Awesome! I just started a remote game of D&D for Kids (Teens) game, and am using the old Keep along with In the Wilds (DCC), which is a homage. Found a great version of the Keep and Town in Google sketchup as a 3D model, and thats just awesome. Was able to prepare a few specific images for the PCs of their approach, and will be able to show other aspects.

Cross Planes said...

@Brian, that's great, would you posting where you found them?

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