Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Mad Magics of the Turned God for TinyD6

Last week we had several people who couldn't make the game so we decided to try out the Tiny D6 system.

I downloaded the Mad Magics of the Turned God, a QuickStart for Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition.

I printed out the Heritages and Traits from Tiny Dungeon and printed out the adventure to read over while we made characters. The four of us were basically brand new to the system, but character generation for all three players only took, at most, twenty minutes. The players really responded to the eclectic options available like the Karhu (bearmen) and Treefolk (ents).

The Mad Magics adventure is concise and to the point and we all had fun. Combat was pretty harsh, with enemies getting two actions per turn. But everyone made it out alive and the accomplished their mission.

We all had fun and I'm looking forward to running the system sometime in the future, probably with Tiny Supers.

TinyD6, in many ways, gives the kind of game that I always wanted Savage Worlds to be. I prefer TinyD6 because it has Hit Points and I think it's more consistent in my opinion.

I really recommend the game and I'm blown away at the amount of support the game has in a relatively short period of time.

Merry Christmas!

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