Monday, July 29, 2019

Occult Philosophy for Shadow of the Demon Lord

I back the Occult Philosophy Kickstarter from Schwalb Entertainment.

The PDF of Occult Philosophy and expansion for new spells (with all the old ones presented for ease of use) for Shadow of the Demon Lord was released today, a month early even.

I love Shadow of the Demon Lord and greatly admire Robert Schwalb, the game's creator and author.

The book adds spell levels from 6 to 10 and also presents stats for summoned creatures.

It's a great book and I urge you to buy it right now.

I'm now going to share the names of several 10th level spells:

Fury of the Heavens; Demigod; God of War; Undo Reality; Kill Them All; Crack The World; Extinction; The Old Ones Awaken; Undead Plague; Create Life; Hurricane; World-Breaker Bomb; Apocalypse.

Rob has outdone himself this time. Go pick up your copy immediately!

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