Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Sundering is finished or I'm ALL IN on D&D 5

I've just spent two months reading all six books of the Sundering storyline and I'm finally finished.

It was a mixed bag and I don't, generally, read gaming fiction.

The first two books are excellent, the third was so-so but I'll read Evans' next novel, the fourth (by Richard Lee Byers, a favorite author of mine) was okay, the fifth and sixth were mostly worth reading.

I will say that I am not a fan of Ed Greenwood's writing, but this latest book, especially the ending, made me decide to try out his next Forgotten Realms book.

Overall, I recommend them.  I was hoping for a few more answers, but this was a reset and it's done now.

Reading the book series and casually playing the Neverwinter MMO is just an example of how happy I am with DnD 5E and how much I want to participate in the brand.

I know that's not for everyone, but it's working for me.

As an aside, I'm surprised that more positive coverage hasn't occurred from the authors using gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual characters in the series.  While I haven't read a ton of DnD books, I found the presence of such characters well-handled and positive examples.

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