Friday, June 28, 2013

Jarlsburg: The Shamamalan Family

The Shamamalan family has been prominent in the academic and arcane circles of Jarlsburg for well over a century.

Dug Shamamalan was, until his untimely death last year, one of the most respected cartographers and treasure hunter on the entire continent.  He was a forward thinker and loved his wife and daughter deeply.  In some ways neither of them have fully recovered from his loss.  He was, however, uncertain of Grover and always kept his son-in-law at arm's length.

Rachel Shamamalan, oldest of the renowned Geff sisters, is a powerful sorceress and brilliant business maven.  While her husband was "out in the field", she made a business out of his discoveries which kept them well-funded for whatever distraction her husband wanted to pursue.  While she loved her husband desperately, she has a weakness for halfling men and strayed often during this long expeditions.  She was very distraught that many of her longtime friends within the city turned a blind eye to Dug's murder.  The group of Ironcloaks who helped solve his murder has garnered her support and she has become a frequent ally for them.

Phoebe Shamamalan-Drune had the misfortune of losing her husband, Grover, and her father within the last several years.  As a young woman, Phoebe chose to study at the Hexenschule and is a very adept Wizard.  She met Grover, who was copying illuminated manuscripts in exchange for doing research at the Hexenschule.  After they married, they split their time between Jarlsburg and the Duchy of St. Cuthbert.  The couple never truly recovered from the disappearance of their daughter, Shay, within the Wraithwood.  This tragedy led them to stay permanently in Jarlsburg and Grover took ill a few years later.  Phoebe spent many years caring for him and still grieves for Shay.  After becoming a widow, Phoebe moved back in with her parents and has turned her attention back to her magical pursuits, but has attempted to move on from her past and has developed a reputation for being lascivious.

Grover Drune was the son of a smith and the seventh son of a seventh son.  He had a passion for legends and lore and was a talented artist and musician.  He chose to run away from home at thirteen to seek the answers to the many legends his mother read to him as a boy. He found work illuminating manuscripts in exchange for access to the Hexenschule's library, where he met his wife.  He was unaware that the Head Librarian Stanis Clurk, was tracking his research and that there was growing concern about what his true motives were.  However, before the school decided to take action, his daughter disappeared and the couple moved away.  When Grover took ill, many wise and powerful magic users were contacted to aid his malady, but all were baffled by his condition.  The last person to visit him, three days before his death, was High Inquisitor Lot.

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