Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Games that I've been reading

Beyond the Supernatural
I have a problem with Palladium Books.  Buying their books that is. I don't care for their system, but I love their games.

Brave New World
Even with it's flaws I think its one heck of a Supers game.  Right on the money for the power level of early Marvel stories, especially the original X-Men.  Hard Magic has me taking a look at this game again.

Monte Cook's new game is pretty compelling.  I'd like to playtest it soon.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta
I bought this at Gen Con, but wasn't a huge fan of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3E and am not sure I like the idea of custom dice.  Especially, since their not available to purchase yet.

Angel/Ghosts of Albion
The Unisystem has everything I should love in a game, but if somehow misses the mark for me.  I think it could be a good fit for Hard Magic, as well.

Dragon Age
I really want to find time to try this game out.  I might not be able to do it before Set 3 hits early next year.

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