Thursday, June 18, 2020

Spotlight on Soldiers of Fortune for Shadow of the Demon Lord

If you've read much of this blog you know that my favorite RPG is Shadow of the Demon Lord and it was created by the extremely talented Robert Schwalb.

Rob has released dozens upon dozens of support products for SotDL and Soldiers of Fortune is the newest and features 3 Expert classes for martial characters and can be purchased for $1.49.

In SotDL you can start at 0 or 1st level. If you start at 0 level you pick an Ancestry (think DnD Races) while at 1st level your character also picks from Warrior, Magician, Rogue, or Priest. At 3rd level you pick an Expert Path which allows you to choose from options such as Assassin, Druid, Oracle, or Witch. There is no restriction on what direction you can go and you can be as diverse or as focused as you want in leveling your character.

Soldiers of Fortune presents 3 Expert Paths with a Martial bend.

First is the Bloodletter which focuses on melee combat. Its features at Level 3 include Bloodlust that gives you the option of gaining a variable bonus that you can choose to either hit a target or substitute it for your weapon's damage and Sacrifice the Weak which gives you a bonus against targets that are already injured.
   At level 6 Taste Victory allows you another opportunity to generate Bloodlust each round and Surge of Hate give you an opportunity to use your Bloodlust to temporarily heal.
   Finally, at level 9 Spill the Blood increases the amount of damage Bloodlust does to an Injured target and Rising Bloodlust that lets you generate Bloodlust faster.

Second is the Commander which at level 3 grants a bonus to 2 Attributes, adds an additional Profession or Language, and Battle Plan that allows you to create specific Effects when certain Triggers occur. What is cool is that these Effects can be offensive to enhance your allies and defensive to hinder your enemies.
   At level 6 Go With the Flow allows you to grant a Bane to attack rolls against you or your allies within range.
   And at level 9 Master Commander allows you to grant a Boon to allies within range and a Bane to enemies within range.

The final Expert Path is Targeter which focuses on bows and crossbows and at 3rd level, they gain a bonus to 2 attributes, an additional Profession or Language, Arrow Stab that allows you to use arrows and bolts as melee weapons, Pepper With Arrows that grants a bonus to damage, Steady Hands that lowers the number of Banes on an attack roll.
   At level 6 Targeter grants you to Keen Vision which extends the range of your Perception and Bottomless Quiver.
   Finally, at level 9 Collateral Damage grants you the possibility of hitting a separate target on a missed attack roll, Precise Shot that boosts your weapon's damage and Test the Wind which allows you to alter the actual number rolled on an attack's D20.

As a fan of SotDL this is a must buy and I cannot recommend it enough.

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