Saturday, August 15, 2020

RPGaDAY 2020 Day 15: Frame


Have any of your characters framed someone in a game?

I have a Tremere in a Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition game that did. Solomon Taft was pretty happy being a courier for his Primogen. He never snooped and did his job. But eventually he was pulled into the inner workings of Cincinnati by his Prince.

He was quiet and kept his thoughts to himself but after having coterie member go into torpor due to a Garou attack he got nervous and started making things happen.

His Prince had a safe house in Europe get hit by the Vatican and several of his prized Kindred who were in torpor were destroyed (yeah, he collected vampires in torpor, yeah, it IS creepy).

His Prince wanted vengeance and quiet little Solomon laid out some ideas.

A rival of the Prince's in France and Paris' Prince were both dicks. So here is how he framed them. He began to make overtures to the local Catholic Church a quid pro quo situation. He also had European Kindred assassinate all of the family members of a particular Cardinal. All of them. Then he dropped a Methuselah from an airplane onto the Vatican while the Pope was having a meeting with all of his Cardinals. The Pope survived. Some Cardinals didn't. The Methuselah died too.

Then he met with his Church contact and fed them the location of the two french Vampire terrorists who had broken Vampire law. It went pretty well and it was a lot of fun.


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